The AQUARIS VERITAS SRL commercial firm is to be found in Romania /Europe/, in Sfântu Gheorghe, Covasna county, in the heart of the country, at the curvature of the Carpathians.

The firm was established as a private enterprise in 1994. The main field of activity is the trading and distribution of food-products on the national market. Since 2008 we have diversified business activities by production of tree and candy figurines season (Christmas and Easter) of cacao mass and diabetes under Choco Pack trademark.

Our company is a fast growing and developing business, our financial results being reflected among others in a developed car park, the headquarters and our own warehouse. Our success in the field of distribution has encouraged us to complete our offer on the Romanian market with imports from Hungary and Slovakia.

We import green peas, lentil, poppy-seed, shelled walnuts, raisin, coconut, beans, pasta, soft drinks, vinegar, pickles, chocolate, spices, pig entrails, conservats. Since 2009 we import ADY products from Slovakia. Our products of Romanian, Hungarian and Slovakian origin can be found in all counties in the whole of the country.

Since 2000 our company has approached a new policy based on commerce of wide range of food products through our own logistic in retail and wholesale system. Our products Romanian, Hungarian and Slovak are to be found in the all counties of the country.

We maintain commercial relations with other distribution firms and multinational chain stores, commercial centers, cash-and-carry stores like Pludi Market (PLUS stores), Selgros, Kaufland , CDE R Interex, CBA, Auchan, Metro Cash&Carry, Real Hypermarket, SPAR throughout the country. In Covasna, Harghita and Brasov counties the products are distributed through our own agents.

Since 2006 we have a new office building and an increased storage of 800sqm.

For 2010 we plan to build a new 1,500 sqm warehouse and a building for production of sweets.

If you would like to sell or purchase high-quality products, you have found your ideal business partner. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Héjja Dezső

Házi Piros Paprika Kft